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Playstation 3 Trophies

 Bronze: 16  Silver: 4  Gold: 0  Platinum: 0
Trophy Awarded Grade
On The Rocks
In any mode, hit a home run into the rocks in left-center in Anaheim
April 8, 2010
10:10:50 PM EDT
Basket Case
In any mode, hit a home run into the basket that lines the wall at Wrigley Field
April 8, 2010
10:15:14 PM EDT
Hit back-to-back home runs in any mode (Excludes HRD and Practice)
April 9, 2010
10:16:58 PM EDT
King Of The Hill
In any mode, hit a home run to dead center in Minute Maid Park
April 10, 2010
8:00:58 PM EDT
Monster Killer
Hit two home runs over the Green Monster in any single game played in Boston (Excludes HRD and Practice)
April 11, 2010
1:01:58 AM EDT
In any mode, break the hitter's bat
April 17, 2010
11:23:40 PM EDT
Mr. October
Achieve the following stats with any RTTS player: .350 AVG, .450 OBP, .755 SLG
August 25, 2010
8:02:23 PM EDT
Caught Lookin'
Strike out a CPU player looking on All-Star or higher difficulty
August 26, 2010
10:20:29 PM EDT
Splish Splash
In any mode, hit a home run over the RF wall into the water of the San Francisco Bay
August 26, 2010
11:35:32 PM EDT
Scrap Metal
In any mode, hit a home run into the Western Metal Supply Company building in San Diego
August 29, 2010
11:41:16 PM EDT
Bobbing For Apples
In any mode, hit a home run that hits the center-field apple at Citi Field
August 29, 2010
11:53:12 PM EDT
Sight Seeing
In any mode, hit a home run off of the glass in center field at Rogers Centre
August 29, 2010
11:59:13 PM EDT
Tres Bien
In any mode, have a three-pitch inning with any pitcher versus the CPU
August 30, 2010
12:25:27 AM EDT
Customize any team's audio in Sounds of the Show
August 30, 2010
12:30:06 AM EDT
Professional Trainer
Complete a RTTS batting session without receiving a single attribute penalty
August 31, 2010
9:59:23 PM EDT
Out Pitch
In any one-player mode, with any pitcher, strike out the side using the same pitch for each "out" pitch
August 31, 2010
10:13:55 PM EDT
Hit 30 or more home runs with any single player in HRD
September 6, 2010
11:48:13 PM EDT
Create and save a highlight movie using the Movie Maker feature
September 8, 2010
11:15:01 PM EDT
Call It
Cal a "Quality Start" as a catcher in any RTTS game
September 9, 2010
11:41:12 PM EDT
Timing Is Everything
Call a pitchout on a steal attempt in any RTTS game
September 9, 2010
11:52:35 PM EDT
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