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Playstation 3 Trophies

 Bronze: 7  Silver: 2  Gold: 1  Platinum: 0
Trophy Awarded Grade
Piece Of Cake
Awarded for winning the first map of the Story Mode
October 17, 2010
7:11:57 AM EDT
Family Photo
Returned to its rightful owner for completing the Story Mode
October 17, 2010
3:01:00 PM EDT
Big Gun
Granted for unlocking the missile launcher in Story Mode
October 17, 2010
3:01:07 PM EDT
Bullet Magnet
Awarded posthumously for the 50th death suffered while playing Microchip in Story Mode
October 17, 2010
3:44:08 PM EDT
Win the Suvival mode in the Single Player Campaign playing Jigsaw and using only a shotgun
November 1, 2010
10:09:14 PM EDT
Win a match without dying playing Silver Sable in Multiplayer
November 8, 2010
12:15:43 AM EST
Tower Above
Collect more frags than the rest of the players put together playing Barracuda in a Multiplayer match
November 8, 2010
12:19:29 AM EST
Survivor Benefit
Perform 200 kills playing Finn Cooley in Multiplayer
November 14, 2010
4:45:14 PM EST
Kiss Of Death
Perform 9 kills with a Rhino without being killed or reloading playing Jenny Cesare in Multiplayer
November 14, 2010
5:09:45 PM EST
Explosives Expert
Blow 100 enemies into a million little pieces with a grenade launcher in Multiplayer
January 29, 2011
8:21:45 PM EST
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